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Privacy Policy


We value the privacy of all our customers. This is why we recommend that everyone reads this privacy policy to ensure that they know the information we use and store. Our website stores personal information like names, emails, and contact numbers to better assist you. We may or may not send out emails whenever we make a change in our policy. We only send marketing emails that we feel are relevant to you. This is done to avoid spams. We believe in privacy, which is why we make frequent changes in our policy; this helps us keep your data safe. To view the updates to our privacy policy, keep a check on this page as we regularly update all the information. We also send out emails for major updates to the policy.


Cookies are small files that save your credentials and activity on our website. If you do not want to grant us access to view your cookies, you can easily disable them on your browser or computer.

Data Collection

Our privacy policy ensures that we only collect minimal data to make your experience on our website a better one. Extra information is not stored, and all information is kept private and secure. We never compromise on safety and do our best to make sure that your private information stays private. We do not sell any information to any websites or share your details with any third-party sites. The only sites that we may share your information with are the ones that help us provide a service to you. Other than this, your data is kept in safe hands. The third-party sites that we share your data with are also trustworthy and are instructed to protect our users' information.